Contemporary Romance

Intertwined Hearts

Intertwined Hearts

To let go, forgiveness is necessary.
Even if the one who needs it is yourself. 

Kindergarten teacher, Abby Sullivan is talented at many things, especially hiding the pain of her past. But when widower, Caleb Hunter's five-year-old daughter walks into Abby’s class at the beginning of the year, everything will change. 

When previous hurts resurface, will Abby be able to forgive? And will Caleb be able to let go? 


An Exceptional Twist

After flower shop owner, Leah Valdez and playboy lawyer, Stefen Hunter's lives intertwine, he leaves her behind to tend to the emotional wounds he's inflicted. 

Unable to shake his feelings for her, Stefen begins to wonder if he can become the redeemed man worthy of her love. 

Is their connection strong enough to withstand An Exceptional Twist?  

Tangled Paths

When law school student, Bri Hunter and Hollywood heartthrob, Josh Tucker meet at a club one night, their chemistry is off the charts. With such a strong connection, Bri can't grasp why he'd toss her out of his hotel room once all was said and done.

Years later, their paths cross and although she's held a grudge during their separation, he has no memory of her.

As Josh begins to uncover who Bri is, he finds himself falling for her. Can he convince her to trust him once again? 

Grafted Vines

After an impulsive one night stand with his closest friend, Zachary Evanwood decides to shut her out and throw himself into work. He can’t take a risk on a relationship with Dani, even if he wanted to. But when a devastating diagnosis alters his world, he will reach for the only steady thing in his life—her. 

But is Zachary strong enough to let Dani in to see the painful burden he’s carried all these years? Or will his stubbornness kill any chance they will ever have?  

Unexpected Promises

 My plan was simple.

Retreat to Hope Falls for the summer, seclude myself in one of the many picturesque mountain homes and study for the test that had kept me from advancing my career.

No distractions. No interruptions.

I should’ve known fate would have its own agenda.

All it took was a few sarcastic comments from my temporary roommate and one coy peek over her shoulder to make me feel again.

And now all my carefully laid out plans had been shot to hell. 

Seasons of Change

 Alone and suddenly jobless, I found myself at a crossroads for the first time in my life. I did what any rational person would—bought a home in the small town I’d spent most of my childhood summers in.

The last thing I needed was to move next door to a charming, selfless and, not to mention, handsome man. The moment Elliott stepped off his front porch to welcome me to the neighborhood, I was tempted to have the moving truck make a U-turn and head back out of town, with me quickly in tow. 

 But with the patience of a saint, he chipped away at my defensive walls and made me feel things I’d always been too busy to contemplate, much less experience.

 Can this Season of Change lead to my everlasting?  

Romantic Suspense


 Jules Donovan has been in and out of unsavory foster homes and repulsive motels her entire life. She’s known nothing but loss, abandonment, crime, and pain. Now that she's aged out of the system, she can’t remember ever having dreams for her future because she’s constantly fighting for daily survival. 

 Things have been set in motion since she was ripped from her mother’s womb and, as each jagged piece of her life unfolds, she will begin to wonder, who’s really in charge of her fate? 


Alexa is a fighter. A survivor. But it hadn’t always been that way. 

Her tormentor only knew her as the shattered girl she once was. He has no idea what she’s capable of now. But he’s about to find out how far she’s willing to go to get her indemnity. 




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